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What is "Disciplers Certification"? It is a free, short, video based training course designed to give you the confidence to start making disciples. The course consists of 4 short videos followed by a quick quiz. Then a one on one practical.

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I am discipling a lady that used to be part of a different religion. It is so refreshing to experience the wonder of Christ through her eyes and ears that are hearing and seeing everything for the first time. The Gospel never gets outdated. ~ Yolanda Davis (DisipleR)

I really wanted to be discipled. While driving home from work, I started thinking about discipleship again, A specific lady's name popped up. A few hours later, that same lady messaged asking to disciple me. My silent prayer had been answered. ~ Robyn Murugan (Disciple)

I have been a member of Outlook Church for 16 years and was blessed as a new Christian to be discipled by some fantastic people over the years. I know the value of it and am happy to be involved. ~ Nola George (DisipleR)

Discipleship is a great experience to go through both being discipled and discipling. I would recommend every Christian start on this journey as you can be an impact and be impacted. ~ Aidan Coetzee (YWAMer)

I have been a pastor for over 20 years and can honestly say that starting to do intentional one on one discipleship with new believers brings back the joy of salvation like nothing else! ~ Brent Brading (Pastor)